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Address18 Molla Djuma Str., Baku, Azerbaijan.

AZTIME- Izmir:
Address:  7B, Izmir Str., AZ1065, Baku city.
Telephone/Fax:(994 12) 510-94-70, (994 70) 372 10 70

AZTIME- Khagani:
Address:  1 Khagani Str., (3th floor ), Baku city.
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AZTIME- Khatai:
Address: 12 Afiaddin Jalilov Str., (previous Gagarin Str.), Baku city.
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AZTIME- Elmlar Akademy:
Address: 31 Zahid Khalilov Str., (previous P.Lumumba ), Baku city.
Telephone: (994 12)510 78 70, (994 70) 372 11 70

AZTIME- Narimanov:
Address: 18 Molla Djuma Str., Baku city.
Telephone:(994 12) 566 50 59, (994 70) 372 14 70

AZTIME- Azadlyg:
Address: 93 Azadlyg Ave., Baku city.
Telephone:(994 12) 441 19 50, 441 19 35, (994 70) 372 80 70

Aztime Watch Company firm was created in 2005 year. The aim of creating the firm is to secure Azerbaijan cunsomer with high qualified watches. Aztime Watch Company produced wrist-watches, clocks, pocket watches with the brand AWC and also is exclusive distributor of Volmax, Chayka, Record, Zarya, Luch, Vostok, Raketa and Molniya watch companies.

We offer to our consumers  large assortment of watches, in which enter classic and elegant models of female watches and also classic and vanguard male watches, youth sports models, watches with chronographs and multifunctional electronic watches. There is large assortment in jeweler collection, which was made with refined style. And original watches made in pendant form and in ring form will adorn any attire of beautiful half of population. Also there is a large assortment of quartz and mechanical alarms of old type. Mechanical pocket watches Molniya and marine clocks Vostok enrich our assortment. We specialize on realization of male and female watches, wrist-watches in silver, gold and platinum cases, bracelets for watches, decorative bracelets. There are many original outside appearances, always changing depend on fashion and demand in these products. Exactness of motion, reliability in exploitation condition on use of mechanisms of leading world companies in watches.

Watches produced with company Volmax are presented under the brands Aviator, Shturmanskiye and Buran. Originality of this series of watch brands is that every model is devoted to definite event in history of mastering air and cosmic spaces.

All these watches differ with high level of quality, the latest technological workings are used in their production.

We offer a big choice of original table and wall watches with pictures of sights of Baku city as architectural monument of the country- Maiden towel which is especially popular for tourists and with pictures Azerbaijan’s symbols (blazonry, flag, map of the country).

Azertime Watch Company firm gives 1 year guarantee on all given commodity and expect you in our trade salons in Sahil and Xagani shopping centers.

Contact person:
Rza Huseynov

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